Be a part of getting the Gospel to those who’ve never heard and planting a mature, self-sustaining tribal church. This is God’s work, and He funds His work through His people. God could just rain money from the clouds for His work if He wanted, but instead He gives us the opportunity to partner with Him in what He’s doing around the world. Isn’t it incredible — the God of the universe lets us have a part in His work! He owns everything we “have”, anyway, so in giving to His work, we’re just giving back to Him out of gratitude for all He’s given us.

As missionaries with Ethnos360, we get the opportunity to trust God to provide regular support through individuals, rather than the organization giving us a salary. We’re responsible to cover all our ministry and personal expenses, including our “benefits” (such as taxes, health insurance and retirement) that would normally be covered by an employer (Click for Budget).  It’s been exciting for us to be living by faith, trusting God to stir the hearts of His people to invest in what God is doing through us.  And He has been faithful to provide us with what we need when we’ve needed it.

Ways to Give:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer: With this option, you authorize Ethnos360 to debit your bank account a certain amount each month. This seems to be the easiest and most reliable option for regular giving. Here’s more information about it, or click here for the form you need to get started.
  • Give by mail: You can mail a check made out to Ethnos360 with a note designating the funds for “Josiah & Rachel Van Der Decker” (or account #900069) to:
    312 W. First Street
    Sanford, FL 32771-1231
    **Please note that if the check is not made out to Ethnos360, it is not tax-deductible.**
  • Give online: You can give online with a credit (or debit) card.
  • Give by phone: To give by credit card over the phone, you can call Ethnos360’s toll-free number: 866-547-2460 ext. 1245

Have questions or comments? Here’s more information, or contact us.

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