the battle

On Saturday morning at 2:15am we received a reminder of the battle we’re in. We had stayed up til midnight talking with my brother and his wife, then went downstairs to stuff some last minute things in our bags, get some packages ready to mail, and then climbed in bed around 2am. We were talking about the next morning, what time to get up, what we still needed to do, and then – *beep, beep, beep, beep…*

Our car alarm was going off. Josiah jumped up, grabbed his flashlight and car keys, and sprinted outside, trying to shut the alarm off before we woke up the whole neighborhood. He got to the car, turned the alarm off, and then it hit him — he was looking at broken glass. The whole bottom section of our driver’s window was smashed. Startled, he looked around to see who could have done it. There was no one in sight. No one running up the street. Nothing.

He came and got me, we looked around with flashlights, couldn’t see anyone or anything that looked out of place. We called the police, and a few minutes later, an officer came, took pictures, looked at everything, asked us a bunch of questions, checked for fingerprints, and then saw something on the other side of the yard.

"Do you know anything about this?" he asked. It was a trolley — like a cart for hauling lots of boxes at once. It was lying about 20 feet away from our car in the side lawn of my brother’s house. We hadn’t seen it there before when we had loaded our totes into the car about 2 hours earlier. We found out later that it had been stolen from a neighbor’s shed. From the looks of the car window, the cart had been used to smash the bottom section of our window. The one print the officer found on our car looked like whoever had done it had worn a glove.

From all appearances, this had been planned. Someone had stolen the trolley, worn gloves, smashed the bottom portion of our driver’s window, and — had God not stopped him at this point — appeared to have been planning to use the cart to haul off the totes and guitar we had just put in the car that night.

Despite the fact that it was now 3 in the morning, we were both wide awake. After the officer left, we carefully unloaded the car, pulled the rest of the smashed glass out of the window and car, wrapped the door in a tarp, and locked the car back up. All the while, the two main thoughts going through both our heads were "thank you, God, for protecting us" and "this is a spiritual war."

Not for a minute did we think this somehow meant God didn’t want us to go to Papua New Guinea. Instead, this incident only confirmed in our minds and hearts that God indeed wants us to go PNG now. But the enemy of our souls also knows we’re going to Papua New Guinea, and he is fighting tooth and nail to keep us from going, or at least trying to discourage us. We realized once again that we are in a battle, not against flesh and blood, but against powers and authorities, rulers, and principalities, against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. (Eph. 6:12) And the struggle isn’t going to get any easier the closer we get to stepping onto PNG soil. The enemy has held many of the people groups in PNG in spiritual darkness and bondage for centuries, and he is not about to give up without a fight.

So, brothers and sisters, fellow soldiers in this struggle, please pray for us. Pray for us to put on the whole armor of God. Pray for us to stand firm in the midst of struggles, opposition, and discouragements. We can’t be here without you. I can’t say enough how vital your prayers are in helping us get to PNG and stay there. Please, please, please pray for us. Pray that no matter how hard things get, no matter what the obstacles, that we would be able to stand strong in this battle and that God would get the glory.

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One thought on “the battle

  1. Janet Farrell

    More fabulous material for the God Chronicles! We know God is protecting us from many disasters daily but it sure sinks in when we see the traces of His handiwork instances like the one you just experienced. He is SO present. Praising Him with you! Love, AJ


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