top 10 things I think I’ll miss

We are leaving the United States on July 15! In honor of our departure, here is a list of 10 things I think I (Rachel) will miss when we’re in Papua New Guinea. I’m hoping to write a similar post a few months from now when we’re in PNG, and compare what I thought I would miss with what I actually do end up missing. So, here’s my “top 10 things I think I’ll miss” list:

  1. my family
  2. being there for family events (graduations, marriages, births, etc)
  3. taking road trips (yes, even though we spent the last 8 months traveling, I still love road trips, and I’ll miss being able to just hop in the car and drive somewhere)
  4. going to church in English
  5. being able to communicate easily with people via email, phone, etc
  6. our ministry partners and friends (we have built a lot of great relationships over the last 8 months, and won’t get to see you for several years)
  7. the privacy of not having everyone stare, point, laugh, etc every time I go out in public (here I blend in, there I will stick out as a tall, white female)
  8. 50 degree weather and 4 seasons (in PNG the average temp is 70-90 degrees, and there are two seasons: rainy season, and dry season)
  9. Food – I will spare you the complete list of all the foods I will miss — it’s a long one — but the top two restaurants I will miss will be Bojangles (Cajun fillet biscuits and sweet tea!) and Braum’s (two words: ICE CREAM!)
  10. Internet access – I think I’ll miss being able to look things up online if I need to, or having Skype, or being able to buy things online.

I know some of these things may seem very shallow or superficial, but these are things I honestly think I will be hard to be away from. So whenever you get on the internet, or drink sweet tea, or go to your family member’s graduation, you can think of me, and pray that God will help me adjust to living in Papua New Guinea. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “top 10 things I think I’ll miss

  1. Anne Snyder

    Good restaurant tastes. 🙂 Braums probably ranks as my favorite restaurant, and definitely the ice cream there is some of the best! More seriously though, I’ll try to remember to pray for you about these things you’ll miss.

  2. Missions Mama😘

    I will miss your “funniness”!!

  3. Deborah

    I’ll eat lots of ice cream for you! i will miss you too, Rachel! And Josiah! I love you both alot!

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