11 days

"We want to be a part of what God is doing through you guys"

"We want to join your support team"

"Hey, how do we support you guys?"

We’ve heard these phrases a number of times recently. Honestly, the last month and a half have been a blur. It seems like just yesterday it was the middle of May and we were at 39%, and now I turn around and it’s the end of June and we’re at 65% of our monthly support. To say God has blown us away with His provision would be an extreme understatement.

When we officially started our support raising journey in October 2014, we knew we were embarking on an adventure unlike anything we had experienced before. Even though we’re both missionary kids, and we’ve seen God provide for our parents countless times, it was exciting to launch out into our own journey of trusting God and watching Him show His faithfulness in our own lives.

The last 8 months have been like a roller coaster ride of emotions as we’ve had good days, bad days, and everything in between. Sometimes are stomachs are in knots, other times we’re just hanging on for dear life.

Besides feeling like a roller coaster, our journey of watching God raise up our support team has felt an awful lot like working out or training for a marathon. God is using this pre-field time right now to prepare us for what He has for us down the road. He keeps stretching our faith, bringing us to the limit of our strength and our ability to endure. As we’ve watched our support level climb slowly, it has strengthened our faith muscles. As we’ve gone through long stretches without seeing any tangible results, that also strengthens our faith muscles.

We’re now 11 days from leaving for Papua New Guinea, and God is still stretching our faith muscles. Sometimes it seems impossible in our tiny human minds to comprehend how in the world God will provide the 10% support we need in time for us to be able to buy our tickets and leave at the end of next week. But we have seen the track record that God has all throughout history — from Abraham, to Nehemiah, to Paul, to now. Over and over, He has provided for His work and His people in His own way and time.

God recently encouraged me through Romans 4, where Paul describes how Abraham trusted God to do what He said He would do. Abraham hoped "against all hope". He "did not weaken in faith" when he considered the impossibility of the situation. He "did not waver through unbelief" but "was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God" because he was "fully persuaded that God had the power to do what He promised." Sounds like God was stretching Abraham’s faith, too!

Seeing God’s faithfulness through time, and over the last 8 months of our lives helps strengthen our faith that God will provide for us. He will get us to Papua New Guinea this July. These next 11 days don’t need to be days of worry, anxiety, or stress. Yes, God is still stretching our faith right now. But now is not the time to weaken in faith or falter in running the race. God is on the move, He is working, and we (along with everyone else) get to watch God display His faithfulness in our lives yet again. And our journey of trusting God is just beginning.

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4 thoughts on “11 days

  1. Peter Van Der Decker

    Josiah & Racel,

    Amen! We love it! Thanks for encouraging and blessing us through your testimony! We love you both so much! So thankful for you, holding you both up in prayer,


    Daddy & Mommy

  2. Jephunneh


  3. Ashlyn Teele

    Wow, you guys! So awesome to see what God is doing in your lives! Praying for you!

    Love, Ashlyn

  4. Maureen Nevalle

    Amen! Amen!

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