“I’m sorry, but according to our records, you still haven’t received approval for your visas,” the lady from the Papua New Guinea embassy explained. This was the third time I’d called to check on the status of our visas. The New Tribes missionaries in Papua New Guinea who were helping us with our paperwork had applied for approval for our visas in mid-March, and we’d applied for our visas through the PNG embassy in Washington, D.C. at the end of April. “Usually,” we were told, “the process only takes 15 business days”. It had been two months. What was the hold up? We kept waiting, kept praying. Our faithful prayer warriors were on their knees for us, asking God to grant us our visas soon. And then we checked the mail. We were looking for some packages that had items we needed to pack for Papua New Guinea. When we picked up our stack of packages, however, there was a white priority mail envelope in the stack. We opened it, peeked inside, and there they were. Our passports, with the visas stamped inside them! We had been so busy packing and getting ready to leave for Papua New Guinea. And then out of the blue, God provided our visas when we were least expecting it! Praise Him! Now that we have both our Papua New Guinea work permits, and our PNG visas, we are essentially done with our paperwork!

Josiah & Rachel with PNG Visas blurred

We have our visas!

So what’s left to do?

  • we need to set up our retirement and get some stuff ready to ship to PNG
  • we need to clean our email list (fix email addresses that have bounced, etc)
  • we need 19% more monthly support ($1,172)
  • then we can buy our plane tickets
  • then there’s some paperwork to fill out for New Tribes Mission
  • we have some last minute details to work out (canceling phone plan and car insurance)
  • pack our carry-ons
  • say goodbye and board the plane!

Thank you so much for praying for us over these past several months. Please keep praying for us in these last 4 weeks in the United States!

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One thought on “paperwork

  1. Janet Farrell

    And Congrats on those visas!! Love you!

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