in our shoes

JR at Niagara Falls

JR at Letchworth State Park

We visited Niagara Falls two weeks ago, and then got to tour Letchworth State Park last week. On Sunday the 12th, Josiah preached on “What has God made you for?” and in the evening service, we shared our ministry. The most unique question we got that night was, “do people there eat hummingbird?”

Weekdays, what keeps us occupied is spending time with people and getting ready for moving to Papua New Guinea this July. To get an idea of what we’re doing, try to put yourself in our shoes. Think, “what would I have to do if I were moving to the other side of the world in 3 months? What would I need to pack? What stuff would I get rid of? Who would I need to say goodbye to? What would I do about things like health insurance, life insurance, and retirement? What would I take with me if I had to fit everything into two suitcases? What would I take with me to help me learn 3 different languages?”

These questions are all things we’re thinking through, praying about, and trying to decide on. We have a lot of decisions to make in these next few months, so please pray that God would give us wisdom with these many choices. We’re putting together a list of things we need to buy for PNG. If you’re interested in helping us purchase some of those things, please let us know.

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2 thoughts on “in our shoes

  1. Peter Van Der Decker

    Josiah & Rachel,

    Oh, you two are great! Thanks for sharing your lives with us. We can imagine that your minds are in a whirlwind at times, preparing to speak at the next meeting while preparing to head across the world! But, God is able and He will continue to guide, encourage, and strengthen you both. We love you so much!

    We’re praying for you!


    Mommy & Daddy

  2. Janet Farrell

    PS. Meant to add that you guys look great in the pic! 😘

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