As of February 18th, we’ve been in Pennsylvania. I think this is actually the state we’ll be in the longest during all our travels. So far, it’s one of our favorite states. The highlights? Beautiful scenery (snow covered hills and picturesque farms), great cell phone coverage, and delicious food (philly cheese steak sandwiches!). The not-so-fun parts? Ridiculously high gas prices ($2.55/gal!) and a notable lack of Mexican restaurants.

Of the 5 areas of Pennsylvania we’ve been in so far, I think Jersey Shore and Lititz have been my favorite. I enjoyed Jersey Shore (a small town near Williamsport) because it’s where New Tribes Mission has its missions exposure camp called Wayumi. I loved getting to tour the campus, meet the wonderful staff, and observe how they open people’s eyes to tribal missions – what it takes, and what the process looks like. The little town of Lititz was also a highlight because we had a great tour guide (Josiah’s Great Aunt), got to tour a pretzel shop, and there were ice sculptures everywhere!

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2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania

  1. Janet Farrell

    So fun hearing about your PA trip….although 5 areas in a few weeks sounds like it could be grueling, too. Lititz is beautiful and I know you were such a blessing to Aunt Grace. But, the most imp factor to loving any location makes me they have a Bojangles there?! 😉 Love, AJ

  2. Ashlyn

    Nice, glad you guys can have some fun in PA! It really is a great place (except for the lack of Mexican restaurants… that sounds depressing!). But if you think gas is expensive there, try $2.83/gal out here in Oregon! Yikes! 🙂 Love you guys!

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