what do you do all day?

We’ve started getting this question more now that we’ve finished all of our training. Now that we’re no longer in classes or down in Oklahoma studying Cherokee, what are we doing with our time? Here’s what a “typical” week looks like: (though no two weeks have been the same)

Sunday: Get up, drive to a church, set up the display table, share in a Sunday School class, share in the morning service, talk to people at the display table after the service, pack up the display table, eat lunch with someone from the church. Go back to where we’re staying, try to rest or prepare for that night, drive to another church, share in the evening service, talk with people afterwards, eat supper with someone from church, go back to where we’re staying and crash.

Monday: We usually try to take Monday “off” (or Tuesday if that fits our schedule better), since neither Saturday nor Sunday are a chance to take a break. Usually on our day off we try to spend time together as a couple, talk, read books, maybe go visit a park or go out to eat. Since we are both introverts, having this time on our day off helps us to unwind and de-stress from a week spent with people (which we love!), and to recharge for the next week. 🙂

Josiah sharing at a Christian School

Josiah sharing at a Christian School

Tuesday — Friday: Throughout the week, we often share in Bible studies, schools, homeschool groups, or small groups. Between those appointments, we try to find somewhere quiet and relatively distraction-free to squeeze in our office work. New Tribes Mission does not tell us which churches to visit, and from now until July 2015 we are basically living on the road, so we get to be our own “tour managers”, so to speak. This means our “office work” includes planning out which state to go to next, what churches to share in over the next few months, contacting friends, pastors, and missions committees, figuring out our lodging and meals for the next “leg” of the trip, as well as other details related to planning our travels. We also work on writing newsletters, blog posts, fixing issues in our PowerPoint presentations, working on paperwork for moving to Papua New Guinea, etc. Oftentimes, in between our office work we’ll also get to meet up with someone for lunch and/or supper to share about our ministry.

Rachel trying to map out our travel plans

Rachel trying to map out our travel plans

Saturday: Sometimes we travel to our next destination, or we spend time with whomever we’re staying with, or we keep working on our “office” work.

Though this season of our ministry can be exhausting, we are so grateful for the privilege we have of traveling all over the United States and sharing with YOU our heart and passion God has given us for taking His Word to an unreached tribe in Papua New Guinea. It’s been so cool to watch God be faithful to guide and provide for us, and to use this time to stretch us and mature us in our walk with Him. It’s also encouraging to see how He uses us nobodies to challenge people to consider their part in spreading God’s glory around the world.

Interested in being a part of getting us to Papua New Guinea and equipping us to stay there? Join our Team!

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