summer summary

For someone who likes writing and journaling as much as I do, you’d think I’d write a lot more posts on here, right? 😉 Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to post blog updates as much as I’d like to this summer. Here’s what I’ve been doing since getting back from Papua New Guinea (the beginning of July):

  • Josiah, his brother Jephunneh, and his cousin Ashlyn and I spent a week with their Van Der Decker grandparents out in California. It was great to get to meet them and spend some time getting to know them. We went hiking in the mountains of Southern California, took lots of walks, watched fireworks on the 4th of July, and ate lots of good food! We also had a lot of encouraging spiritual conversations with them — they have passed on to all their children and grandchildren a love for God and a passion for missions. What a blessing!
  • Josiah and I spent the middle two weeks of July with my family in Kansas City. While trying to recover from jetlag (from our trip to PNG), we also tackled wedding preparations head-on (we got a lot done!).
  • After that, we visited several of Josiah’s relatives on the East Coast so that I could meet them and get to know them. It was really neat to get to see all his family that I’d heard so much about.
  • Then, we spent another week with my family in Kansas City, battling a virus and some worms (that we picked up in PNG 🙂 ). We also sorted through all of my earthly possessions and packed up the rest of my things to take them back to training.
  • We spent a weekend at a church that is really supportive of Josiah and his family. We were SO blessed and encouraged by the fun times we spent with them and by their huge heart for God and for missions.
  • Finally, we went back to training (a week before classes started) and sorted through all of the rest of our things in preparation for combining all our stuff when we get married.

Now, we’re back in classes (studying Literacy right now). We’re trying to get as much out of these classes while we can, because we know the semester will be over before we know it, and there’s still so much to learn. Please pray that God would give us strength as we are still battling worms and trying to manage our time wisely with all the homework, ministry opportunities, and wedding preparations we’re doing. Thanks so much for your prayers…let me know how I can be praying for you!

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