new year, new semester, new challenges, same God

It’s hard to believe that my first semester of training is already over! It really flew by way too quickly, and now it’s already the beginning of a new semester. While the classes last semester were very beneficial, they were mostly foundational for everything else we’ll be learning during training. This semester, however, is chock-full of very practical and readily-applicable classes.

DC soldering in tech class! :) Here I am making a shunt.

DC soldering in tech class! 🙂 Here I am making a shunt.

We started off with a class on Romans 5-8. The focus of that class wasn’t so much for us to study those chapters in Romans, but to learn how to apply the truths from Romans to a group of new/growing believers. Each person in the class had to present and explain different passages to the whole group so that we could practice teaching. A lot of times it was tough trying to explain concepts like justification, sanctification, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and the believer’s relationship to sin and the law in terms that could be understood by those who didn’t grow up in the church.

The most practical class so far this semester is Missionary Technology. We’re learning everything from soldering (DC, AC and Butane) to wiring PV (solar) panels for electricity in our tribal homes. Since I will be living and ministering in a tribal location, there won’t be AC power readily available to use for things like a freezer, computer, and basic lighting, so I will be using solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity to use in my tribal house. How cool is that?! 🙂

Probably the biggest challenge this semester is going to be time management. Church planting 2 (or CP2, as they call it) has much harder classes than first semester (CP1), and the homework has already begun to pile up. Please pray that I would be able to manage my time well so that I can balance classes, homework, ministry, church, work detail, discipleship, relationship building, and sleep. 🙂 Thank you so much for praying, and let me know how I can be praying for you!

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